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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V99 #11

>I'm seriously thinking the ASR-X/PRO ... any other using it?

I love Ensoniq gear but steer clear of the original version.
I had an ASRx awhile back & it was buggy - the Pro version seems to have
solved a lot of the timing problems that the original had. Basically the
machine wasn't originally designed to do everything that it CAN do, so
tweeking a knob while the sequencer was playing could produce timing
problems ( which is why I sold mine.)  Some have said that the new OS 
the problems in the older machine but I'd be wary.
The archtecture of the ASRx Pro is excellent, as are the FX (which can be
used to process external signals) . It has very good midi implementation.
SCSI was very slow on the original ASRx (15 minutes to load a 32 Mb 
maybe that's been solved in the Pro too.

I would definitely spend a few hours checking the unit out & putting it
through a torture test at a local store before buying.