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Re: What got ya to where you are...

Jeff & Vonda McLeod wrote:

> Hi, folks,
>         I am curious about everyone involved in looping and their 
>influences. What
> brought you to where you are now? And, what keeps you here?
> Looking forward to everyone's answers,
> Jeff McLeod
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> This is not here--
> And now is almost over...
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this pulled me outa lurkerhood long enough to ponder the question (not 
that there
ain't plenty to ponder on this list, loop'zens, but I've been so *slow* to 
get up to
speed on my 'plex that I've felt like there's a serious consciousness gap 
to bridge
before my comments on loopage are worth much to you all ;^)). anyway, I 
had this
fantasy (after recalling the magical 'phase-shifting' of steve reich's 
music for
eighteen musicians) of creating a sound piece that passed through a 
sequence of
layered loops much the way certain aquatic species (squids come to mind) 
pass through
patterns of coloration as they attempt to camouflage themselves (if this 
is too
vague, I'll try again: a pattern resulting from the gradual shifting 
through a
sequence of loop layers such that loops exit out the 'tail' of the 
sequence as new
ones form at the 'head'; suffice to say I'm still working on it). oh yeah, 
fripp, frisell, the aforementioned reich, riley et al, and stuart 
mind-blowing trombone and didg' stuff from some dang beautiful abbey back 
in the
mid-eighties (not looping per se, but great reverberant-play on the 
standing waves in
the space; if I find the lp I'll post to the list for anyone 

back to front and front to back

lance g.