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Re: question

My Top Ten Things to do when in need  of inspiration:

10) Try to prove that you can't prove anything.
 9)Stick my head in a cold shower.
 8)Force myself to listen to  a Radio station that I would not normaly 
listen to for an hour,
 7)Embarass myself on the internet.
 6)Try to rember the things that I would have rememberd if they were 
worth remembering.
 5)See if my daughter can say 
  4)E-mail Robert Fripp and tell him not to meet me at Flat 5,  because 
it's all  has been just  a hoax.
  3) quit taking my meds.
  2) Ponder if just lurking on this E-mail list for me would probibly be a 
better idea for myself and others.
   1) Hand write the Kings James Bible version of the book of  
Revelations in Reverse "tsirhC saw kcoR eht dna :meht dewollof  taht ...