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Re: question

lance glover wrote:

> Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> > what do you all do when your muse goes on vacation?.......i have hit a 
> > and it seems all i am now doing is attempting to make "silk purses out 
>of sows
> > ears".....throughout december i was a nova of creativity, burnt miles 
> > tape.....now for the last week or so i cant even buy a new 
> > methods out there to re-kindle the spark or is it just a matter of
> > waiting?...........michael
> my theory has been that a muse sought after makes itself scarce in a 
> my advise, chill on trying, and go find something to do that you've 
>perhaps been
> neglecting (fill in the blank). i often wonder if the muse departs as a 
> that there is important business elsewhere. if you've already taken care 
> whatever other stuff there is and still nothing seems to flow, maybe 
>striking up
> some kind of dialogue (sounds horribly new-aged, but shit, if it 
>works...) with

Yeah, that has worked for me too. Got it originally from the Ira Progoff 
Workshop" book.  An aside (not a flame!):

One of the interesting phenomena I see all over in interviews, on the Net 
and in
person, is the "apologetic, condescending" tone toward "new-age" ideas. I 
do the same
thing! Last thing want to do is appear to be one of "them".

Might get pegged as a softie in a rough and tumble world where $$ and 
hipness are the
coins of the realm???

Sad part is there are is so much there in the realm of ideas, spirit and 
Not to speak of all the cool Looping CDs that are found in the New Age 
section of the
store, the "catch-all-that-cannot-be-categorized-elsewhere" category.



Neil Goldstein
Portland, Oregon USA