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Re : Echoplex and Audio Sample cd's

> I am curious about building rythmic loops using an echoplex and 
>percussion based audio sample cd's. Is there
> anyone out there doing this? That is building the loop directly from a 
>cd player into the echoplex or is a
> traditional sampler needed inbetween? What are the limitations of this 
>approach? Synch problems with layering?
> Hi-Fi Bugs

The problem is the tempo.

Musicians can synch by themself to the music flow, but not a CD of
course, and this is why you shoud pick up the exact tempo before

You can try using some wellknown phrase (REC START/STOP) sampler, but
the problem remain the same : you will have to edit your phrases to try 
to loop them perfectly well afterwards.

If only you could have the tempo to synch your EDP !

But looping CDs require a certain accuracy that even most of nowadays
bpm counters can't give for such an application, or if some do, these
ones remain a bit 'nervous' (see the tempo displayed in real time, it
usualy moves around an average value).

The one way I know is to determine an exact and constant tempo before
recording your loops and this is what does for instance the DJRND2.

And once your loops are recorded, it could only be to enter this same
exact tempo into a metronome to perfectly synch your EDP with.