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Teo Macero "Modulations" Interview online

The full transcript of Iara Lee's interview with producer Teo Macero (a
brief excerpt of which was featured in the documentary "Modulations")
can be found at the ever-excellent Perfect Sound Forever site:


Two reasons why this is important reading for those on the list:

-- Macero makes several references to looping the playing of the
musicians he worked with and then integrating those loops into the
productions he oversaw.

-- He also makes a somewhat alarmingly high number of critical comments
about the modern electronic movement, and sample-based music in
particular, chastising it for lacking musicality and emotion.  My
reaction was one of reading an old man lamenting the fact that "these
kids today just don't do it the *right* way -- like *we* used to waaaaay
back when."  

I highly recommend the interview to any and all, and would like to hear
other reactions to in.