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Re: Teo Macero "Modulations" Interview online

In a message dated 2/2/99 6:02:10 PM Central Standard Time, 

<< We've got umpteen choices, reverb, loopage,
 sampling, etc. etc.  All you need is a little $$ and voila!, you're a
 "musician".  But WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?  WHAT do you want to express?  >>

That's a great point... I like how Geddy Lee referred to it in an interview
from the "power windows" era - "option anxiety". You get so hung up on what
box to use that you lose sight of why you're there in the first place.....

 <<In this era of the "bedroom musician", precious little
 DesertIslandDisc stuff comes out of a single bedroom.  >>

True, but I have to share one - "Bundle of Joy" by Land of the Loops. It's
certainly one of my d.i.d.'s, and it is a one man "bedroom" record. 

- Crossedout@aol.com