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Re: 4'33"

>>If you performed Cage's 4'33" at a faster tempo you might be able to fit
>>it into your looper;)
>As a testament to Cage's sense of humor, 4'33" was originally scored in 
>movements, so with slight pauses between them it actually takes longer 
>4'33" to perform.
>Unless you rush, that is....
>Ken R

I've played it on my 32 sec. JamMan before, by syncing it to a MIDI clock
at 113.75 bpm, looping 16 beats and letting it play 9 times. OK, I really
haven't played it, but I could if I wanted to. Of course, if I wanted to do
all 3 movements, I'd have to work out a tempo map to fit all 3 movements.

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together - dum, dum, dum, dum - fire, cosmic fire."
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