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Re: Punk Jazz?

> im trying to find some artist that are doing out there jazz, preferably 
>on the
> really intense/experimental side.
> with or without looping really
> any recommendations?

Oh my...

These artists are all over the place!  I don't even know where to begin,
other than to quickly jot down some names:

George Lewis (the trombone/computer guy, not the clarinetist)
Anthony Braxton
John Zorn (and practically anything on his various labels such as Avant,
Tzadik, etc.)
Marc Ribot
Dave Douglas
David Torn (solo and countless collaborations)
Splatter Trio
Chris Speed
Albert Ayler
Eric Dolphy
Ornette Coleman
Derek Bailey
Vijay Iyer
Miroslav Tadic
Tim Berne
Gary Thomas
Steve Coleman
Massacre (Fred Frith/Bill Laswell/some drummer)
Nels Cline
Zussan Fasteau
God knows how many people on this very list! (Stu Liebig, Ken Rosser, 
David Torn, Ed Chang, etc. etc.)
Hundreds more names out there...