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Vortex + Headrush

No, the Vortex (especially broken) is probably not worth $800.

However, it is a very worthy device and once you get beyond the presets
you can create some really amazing textures.

If you check out:

You'll see a page of various MP3 files I've done.  Check out "1998"
in particular which has lots of Vortex textures, also check out the
tune "aliensporebomb" where all the guitar parts as well as they 
keyboards were processed via vortex.  The guitars some sort of giant
chorusing effect with a distant ambience, the synths a sort of vibrant
leslie'ish sound.  The tune "late nite" has it all over a synth part
and subtly on the clean guitar part.  "Requiem" has a B3-ish part 
processed via vortex, as well as the lead guitar, and the lead synth.
The drums even get processed by vortex in the second part of the tune.
The newest tune "second dance" has all the guitars processed by vortex
as well as a barely audible ambient part.

None of these tunes have much in the way of looping (I have yet to put
some of my loopwerk on the web yet) but the Vortex is my main processor
for a lot of reasons.

It's flexible, does stuff that nothing else does and compared to some of
today's COSM-moded amazo processors still holds up in that textural area.

More on tap tempo delay sequences in a future article.