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Re: echoplex

Sorry, I send this to LD by mistake. It was intended for ALTOMUSIC.


>Hello Jon,
>this is just to inform about my echoplex (switchable to 220 Volt) +
>footcontroler order. Counting the days since your last message times about
>4 echoplexes a day, I thought by now I should have heard from you. Just to
>make sure my order is not forgotten.
>>     Hello this is Jon from Alto Music. Gibson is  building and sending 
>>all the echoplexes they can the same day. They are  overnighting them to
>>me at their expense. We are shipping them in order that the  orders were
>>received. Thank you for your patience any questions call me 914 692  
>>I will be out of town for the NAMM show Jan 28-Feb1. In that time frame
>>speak to Gary as I will leave him with all pertinent info. Thanks again
>>for your  patience.