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Chris Q: Re: Alternatives to Oberheim?

At 11:07 AM 2/8/99 -0800, you wrote:
>At 6:13 AM -0800 2/8/99, Chris Q wrote:
Although I'd love to have an EDP, I can't afford one right now. The
features on the EDP
>>are all things I'd really like to have, but any loop/sampler is better 
>>none. Thanks... CQ

I've been in the same boat, and have found the following cheap loopers by
doing lots of homework over the past 3 days:

1. DOD DFX94 pedal is sometimes available, street price $100-120.  I have
2, and they're not bad for live performance.  Just a tiny bit noisey during
fadeout. You need 3 hands to do it well if you play a stringed instrument.
4 seconds max.  I just did an art gallery gig using my two with a fretless
bass and two small amps, and the crowd seemed to really like hearing a
textural kind of jazz that they've probably never heard before.

2. Zoom 508.  4 seconds, street price $99.  No idea how it sounds, but the
multi-effects Zoom pedals in the 500 series are quite noisey (which doesn't
necessarily mean the 508 is.)  Easy to obtain.

3. Zoom 2100.  16 seconds in "hi-fi" mode (32K sampling), or 3 separate
5-second recordings.  The owners manual implies that looping is possible
but it seems a little awkward (never seen one in person). Street price
approx. $150
Easy to obtain.

4. Boss DD5.  2 seconds of quiet delay/looping.  Very easy to use.  Street
price $140-150.  Easy to obtain.

5. Korg AX1G and AX1B (guitar and bass multi-effects, respectively).  1.8
seconds.  Street price $130.  Plus, "chingos" of other effects.

6. Boomerang.  Under $400 street.  2 minutes in "hi-fi" mode, plus reverse
loops.  Looks very easy to use.  And hey, it's made in Texas!!  I seem to
recall seeing in their web site that David Torn has used it.

Like you said, any looping device is better than none.  EDP does seem to be
the most sophisticated.  I've been assured that one can be obtained with
foot pedal board for around $600 (??)

Hope this helps.

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