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Make Like a Loop Machine

I did something this evening which turned out to be quit fun. I've been
having trouble triggering a certain synth a Doepfer MS 404 with my MIDI
guitar set-up. So on my way home from work I decided to hook up my Yamaha
QY-10 directly to the 404. The QY-10 is an old Yahama sequencer that I
picked up in December when FingerPaint was experimenting with stripping
down our set-up to save on chiropratic fees. By using the QY-10 to trigger
MIDI notes in a couple of synths I was able to leave my guitar and the GR-1
at home. I was also travelling with only two loopers and one effect box.
Anyhow back at home I have access to my Echoplex, two jam men, and various

But back to tonight. I began working with the 404 and was happy with the
results. I laid down a simple low sounding loop in the plex. Then I made a
short loop in Jam man one, then another short loop, and finally a third
short loop. Then on the second jam man I set up set up two more longer
loops to complement what was happening. Then I started to dial between the
various loops on the jam men. (I've yet to get into multiple loops with my
echoplex, but that's tommorrow nights lesson...) Anyhow I liked the results
of changing loops while still triggering sounds via the QY-10. So far this
was not new ground for me. Sounded Frippian, which I usually avoid, but
tonight I went with.

I decided to turn on the 8 track and just record myself letting the loops
rub against one another, switching between the five options and
occassionally fading loops out. The loops I created were all sparse BTW.

After recording this I then of course wanted to play over it. But instead
of grabbing my guitar, I recorded the next tracks with the QY-10 as my
instrument and put the limit of "making myself play like a looping machine"
as a guide. Actually I was set up more in repeat mode more then in loop

After this I did grab my guitar and put it through a twisted effect, muted
the actual guitar sound and hit record again. Still instructing myself to
play like a loop machine.

When I played it all back tonight I liked the result. Who knows if it will
hold up over time and that's really not important. It was fun and is
fertile ground for me and others blessed with multi track recorders to



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