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Introduction and 'Instant music' software

Hi Loopers,

I live in Perth, Western Australia and create loop based music at home 
on my PC.  At the moment I'm using the freeware version of DDClip which 
gives four stereo tracks of ausio and allows me to sequence WAV files 
from my hard drive and it mixes and plays them back in real time.

I was reading Computer Music magazine the other day and it had a small 
feature on 'instant music' CD-ROM's.  You now the type - Dance Music 
e-jay software.  A CD-ROM with a with a custom interface thousand or so 
dance music samples that lets you put all the loops together and make a 
dance track.  If you've never tried one - give it a go as they are a lot 
of fun.  

I tried out a program called Hip Hop eJay and found that it was quite 
similar to the way I am making music with DDClip.  Most of the loops for 
HHejay were ten seconds long exacly.  Others were 5 seconds so you could 
for example have a ten second bassline loop and then have a 
complementary 5 seconf loop on another track come in on the start or the 
second half of the loop.  Anyway, my question is, how would I go about 
creating a set of loops like that.  Would I have to create separate 
libraries of basslines and beats according to BPM?  How would I create 
loops of different BPM in loops that are exactly ten seconds anyway?


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