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Re: Introduction and 'Instant music' software


try Acid from SOnic Foundry. It allows you to automatically allign loops
with different BPMs. But not only...
what's this DDClip?


At 22.25 10/02/99 PST, you wrote:
>Hi Loopers,
>I live in Perth, Western Australia and create loop based music at home 
>on my PC.  At the moment I'm using the freeware version of DDClip which 
>gives four stereo tracks of ausio and allows me to sequence WAV files 
>from my hard drive and it mixes and plays them back in real time.
>I was reading Computer Music magazine the other day and it had a small 
>feature on 'instant music' CD-ROM's.  You now the type - Dance Music 
>e-jay software.  A CD-ROM with a with a custom interface thousand or so 
>dance music samples that lets you put all the loops together and make a 
>dance track.  If you've never tried one - give it a go as they are a lot 
>of fun.  
>I tried out a program called Hip Hop eJay and found that it was quite 
>similar to the way I am making music with DDClip.  Most of the loops for 
>HHejay were ten seconds long exacly.  Others were 5 seconds so you could 
>for example have a ten second bassline loop and then have a 
>complementary 5 seconf loop on another track come in on the start or the 
>second half of the loop.  Anyway, my question is, how would I go about 
>creating a set of loops like that.  Would I have to create separate 
>libraries of basslines and beats according to BPM?  How would I create 
>loops of different BPM in loops that are exactly ten seconds anyway?
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