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RE: RE: Jamman on Ebay - $500?!?!?!?!

>I don't like the sound quality of the 'rang at all. In fact, I found the
>jamman made the signal somewhat dull to my ears - just a tad, and nothing 
>would worry about in a live setting. However, I always had to run the 
>into a BBE sonic maximizer to cover for it - when the un-jamman'd signal 
>not need it.
>Some people mentioned that the Echoplex doesn't sound as good as the
>jam-man. It would be nice to be able to try one so I cna decide to wait 
>the next 'big thing' or buy one now. Anyone know where I could try one in
>the San Francisco Bay Area?

Try Bananas at Large in San Rafael.  Not exactly downtown SF though...

Personally, I think the EDP has better sound quality than the Jam Man. I
notice a slight high-freq rolloff on the Jam man, but can not tell a
difference on the EDP from the direct signal, if I have my levels set 

I thought of selling my Jam man recently too.  I use the EDP for looping
and am just using the Jam Man as a delay.  I decided not to though, cause I
like the ease of tapping the tempo, adjusting feedback, and that it can
sync to MIDI clock.  I imagine its just a matter of time before someone
makes a unit with the same capabilities, better sound quality, more loop
time, smaller, and with a $100 price tag...