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Re: Vortex Question

check your computer for virii

you're spreading the happy99.exe virus. Don't open the attachment if you
don't want some serious problems.

To all who received the happy99.exe. erase the file without opening it. 
No panic please! ;)


At 04.09 13/02/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I got 1 stereo female jack from Radio Shack and replaced the out put jack 
>a regular volume pedal following the schematic in the manual. Works like a
>charm. See more in the Tools of the Trade archive on the Loopers Delight
>All you need is here.
>Clifford Novey wrote:
>> Hello all-
>> Question-
>> Does anyone know what type of pedal the stereo pedal jacks need on the
>> Vortex? I checked the pedals I have and they interrupt the connection
>> and work fine in the mono pedal jacks-
>> Do the stereo jacks (for A/B switch, register/preset, etc.) need a pedal
>> that  creates a connection??  I broke out the multitester to be sure
>> that the adapter setup I have is not mixing the signals and I don't
>> think it is-
>> Thanks!
>> Still awaiting my EDP...
>> Clifford