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RE: Happy99 Virus


I want to thank you for your prompt advice.  I'd never heard of viruses
through e-mail, but I now I know.  I read several messages following yours
and had time to just delete Happy99 without opening it.

Thanks, dude.

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From: Clifford Novey [mailto:clifsound@earthlink.net]
Sent: Saturday 13 February 1999 3:18 AM
To: Loopers
Subject: Happy99 Virus

Ok, that virus was for real- Go to the following to get details on how
to remove all the components of the virus and DO NOT restart your
computer until you remove it all!!



PS- I am embarassed to say I figured out my Vortex "problem"- I was
unaware that ALL the jacks are stereo and that the two middle ones have
two functions- the outer two which i thought were the only stereo ones
control an amp channel switch or an expression pedal to adjust the
currently selected parameter-

Thanks for all the help everyone!!!
I will be posting a patch or a morph to Andy Butler's Vortex page and
encourage anyone who has a favorite patch or morph to do the same- it is
a great idea and Andy has an easy to use format for submissions and
Andy's Vortex Page: http://members.aol.com/soundfnr/vortex.htm