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Re: another newbie ! / Sustainerdiscussion

How do you like the Paradis Loop Delay?

At 01:39 PM 2/16/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, everybody
>firstly, I'd like to say hello to all you guys at LD !
>I'm a fan for quite a long time but its' just two weeks ago that I managed
>to jump on the net
>and yesterday I subscribed
>I'm a guitar pro from Germany, I've been working with loops since 1981 
>I first heard
>" LET THE POWER FALL " and got my first looping delay which was a Ibanez
>DM1100 with 3.6 secs
>Now, I'm working with Oberheim Echoplex and Paradis Loop Delay and I'm 
>about to finish a
>solo CD with quiet ambient loopstuff called " STARSCAPES 1 - The Bright
>Zones ".
>I'm a close friend to Michael Peters and Markus Reuter with whom I had a
>little band called  " Trio GitarriStick ".
>I met both of them 1991 on my first Guitar Craft Seminar wth Robert Fripp
>in Switzerland. Since then I'm a
>Crafty and play the New Standard Tuning nearly exclusively. I'm a fan of
>David Torn and Steve Tibbetts - and I'd say I  know a little about 
>As Sustainers seem to be the toppic of the day, I'd like to post a little
>bit on that:
>I've been using them since 1989 when I first met Alan Hoover at the "
>Frankfurt Musik Messe " ( a trade show,
>almost like NAMM ). I played with a  harpist that time ( yes, the big 
>with strings ) and I  was 
>looking for something that should give me long sustained notes at low
>volume. So I bought one, learned how 
>to install it and from that time it went in all that were my favourite
>guitars. After a short period of exploring and getting used to it, it
>became an important part of my expression and I still don't want to miss
>Then, my first unit broke and I had to change to Fernandes Sustainers
>because Sustainiac had disappeared
>from the market place. Normally, I like to support small companies rather
>than big ones, so I felt happy viewing Alan Hoover reentering the market
>some two years ago. I really admire him as an inventor and craftsman and
>that he managed to keep his head up fighting for his ideas, but I must 
>without wanting to offend him in any way, dealing with him often takes a
>looong time... 
>15 months ago I began working on a custom electric guitar series called  "
>PAINTERS Series " I constructed together with Eduard Tueske, a fine 
>and builder of PHANTOM Guitars and Basses here in Cologne, Germany.
>I really put all the ideas and experience of 23 years of guitarplaying in
>this guitar and it should have been out on the market last year.
>And of course, because it should be the ultimate guitar with ultimate
>playing comfort and sound flexibility
>it should have ( besides high-quality pickups and a piezo-trem with midi
>access ) a sustainer on it ! 
>Eduard also planned to make basses with sustainers but this is still the
>missing link. I've been exchanging emails with AH now for more than a 
>saw the rise and fall of the GA-5 system but there's still no sustainer I
>can put my hands on. Maybe it's easier for you guys in the States ( if so,
>please, let me know ! ).
>But again, I want to state my respect for Mr. Hoover and I'd like to send
>him my best wishes hoping the delay problem will be solved. 
>Maybe, some more orders from us can do the trick !
>Okay, I think this may be enough for the first post... and there are some
>tasty spaghetti waiting in the kitchen !
>Greetings to all
>PS.: If somebody is interested in specs of the PAINTERS Series Guitars or
>PHANTOM Guitars and Basses,             please, let me know or write to
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