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So where are we?

Hola Groovers-

So this is kinda of a checking of the winds if you will.... seeing where 
the community is, etc...

The Headrush is exciting news, this list in no uncertain terms has 
redefined the palette of sonic manufacturers.
But- we were told about a DOD long delay pedal as well... and the 
rerelease of the EH 16 sec delay...
However my money is still on Akai to deliver...

Gibson and related stuff is a mess. Questionable marketing, questionable 
delivery of goods (no ram in many units, destroyed boxes, broken 
faceplates), and a shifting corporation.
Why do I care so much? The promise of the EDP is great. It is a deep and 
wonderful machine in spite of all the nonsense.

I find myself listening to less music.... What has crossed my drums in 
the past months has been- Tortoise, Don Caballero "What Burns Never 
Returns", Dark Magus et al by Miles, Thomas Koner, Barry White, Talk 
Talk's "Spirit Of Eden", John Cale, Marvin Gaye, Takemitsu....

Nevertheless I am wooed again by the printed word...

I am being asked to do more visual arts then sound stuff at the 

so there ya go.




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