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RE: Help ! I need somebody ! Help ! (on ADA MP1)

> Futhermore, I'm just beginning in "killer sound seeking". I would be
> grateful you for communicate me some of your great preset (OD1  OD2  MG
> B  M  T  P  Voicing).
> I would like to find a very "big" sound for heavy metal (Megadeth,
> Pantera,...)

Not to be too negative, but I think you will have trouble getting the 
you are looking for with this unit alone. However, you may be >very< 
with your sound if you use it in conjunction with a BBE sonic maximizer and
a good eq. Mart Friedman was swearing by the BBE, last time I checked, and 
good graphic eq will make an ok preamp a total screamer. I'll never record
another heavy guitar track without both of them in the stream. This is
another $200 or so :< but I guarantee that it will make all the difference
in the world.

You might also want to try using it in conjunction with other distortions
you have lying around.

Just my opinion, of course.

Good luck.


> A last question : I heard somebody talking about MIDI possibilities
> (send new patch directly in the RAM of the MP1). Could you give me more
> info ?
> I really thank you in advance, hoping you will be able to take few
> minutes to answer my deseperate message.
> Thanks.
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