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and it was only $550

I have to say what an awesome piece of equipment the new
Echoplex is.  A bass player friend and myself have gotten one each and 
them brother linked.  My rig includes  A LOT of percussion (marimbas, 
gamelan instruments, drum-set etc. drumKat) and his includes guitars, 
basses, Moog Tarus, casio keyboards...  We run lives mics and inputs 
through a Mackie 1404 board and into the echoplexes (echolpy?). We then 
the echolpexes back through
The board and into monitors, main, and a portable DAT.  We are only 
scratching the surface of what is possible with this arrangement. If 
is interested I have posted some mp3's of this last weekend's jam on the 


These are LIVE recordings with just the two of us (!) Pretty soon it will 
be possible to create music completely devoid of any human contact....

Andy McGraw
Harmonix Music Systems, INC.
Cambridge, MA
617.491.6144 ext. 105

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> I'm going to the LD list archive to dig up the Gibson contact
> person and email
> or call them to get some real answer, but this does not sound
> good to someone
> who just sold a pile of gear (including my JamMan) in order to
> purchase an
> EDP... I you have that contact info please let me know.
> best,
> Miko
YESYESYES Let us know please!!