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Re: happy99 worm

>If you did'nt see the fireworks display and just recieved a file of 
>giberish does that mean  you were not infected?


>page that wouldnt let me do anything.....help......i did not see the 
>works" when i  d/l this happy exe.....now im freakin.....im afraid to shut
>down my puter......all this and no vallium.....michael


Just like with all "virus" kind programs, just downloading it or looking
at the uuencoded file won't infect you, just the same as reading a message
with the title "join the crew" won't infect you.  You have to actually
run the program.  So if you haven't run happy99.exe, delete it and don't

In fact, as a general rule, don't run programs if you don't know what they
are and you'll be safe.  If people did that, this program wouldn't
have gotten out.

Actually, happy99 isn't a virus.  It doesn't attach itself to other
programs.  It's just a self-contained program that knows how to use the
lamest thing invented by microsoft, the windows registry, and human
naivete, to its advantage.  In its own way, it's an elegant little idea.
I wonder if internet musicians might use the idea to spread their music--
someone gets an exe that plays incredible (looping, natch) music, and
then sends itself on, without waiting for word of mouth.
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