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Re[2]: So where are we?

Thanks for the EDP contact info Kim! I got a callback from Mike. We're 
going to 
talk today... I'll report the latest relevant info.

Kim states...
> I don't think they've decided what the new brand name is going to be 
>yet. At 
> this point, I'm guessing "Electar" is not it, but I don't know. I say we 
> up a "guess the name" betting pool. I'll put a fiver on "opcode 

Hmmm... Opcode Echoplex? I guess since they bought Opcode they may as well 
add a
nice high tech hardware looper to their roster. Can't wait to get one, 
they call it!

BTW: Regarding Klein guitars... I've had the opportunity to play one and 
right. Once your body holds one, it's hard to forget the ease of position 
playability of them. I keep looking at those Klein pictures at their site 
and I 
can just feel my credit cards twitching in my back pocket! 

best regards,