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Re[3]: So where are we?

> well? not going to join the echoplex name pool? Someone else must have 
> creative entries....

OK! OK!.. Let's see if they call it the Flatiron Flashback...

>> BTW: Regarding Klein guitars... I've had the opportunity to play one 
>> you're right. Once your body holds one, it's hard to forget the ease of 
>> position and playability of them. I keep looking at those Klein 
>pictures at 
>> their site and I can just feel my credit cards twitching in my back 

> They've got you now!  although, I don't think Lorenzo takes credit 
>cards. But 
> I guess you could use one of the quasi-checks they send you with the 
> card statement. listen to your body, it's whispering: "buy me a 
> me a Klein....buy me a Klein...." 
> kim

Hmmmm... maybe time to re-fi the house. Can anybody float me a loan?