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Howdy and whatnot

Hi fellow loopers:

I just today found out about the looper list.  Never occurred to me there
would be such a thing, but why not?  I bumbled onto it because I was doing
web searches to look for a Jam Man and to explore alternatives.  I'll keep
trying to find a Jam Man for a while and if I can't find one at an
attractive price I'll go for an Echoplex.  I have a Jam Man now and I want 
second one to do sync looping with the other.  Believe it or not, I was
doing sampled phrase looping YEARS before anyone even thought of such an
idea (to my best knowlede, anyhow).  This was in the late Pleistocene (or
so) when 12 bit samplers with floppy drives were state of the art.  I had 
(yep, TWELVE) Yamaha TX-16W samplers with lots of extra memory to achieve
the ability to do lots of fairly long loops.  I controlled the sequencing 
the loops from midi files originally typed into a digital music system
(Synclavier).  This was back when the Synclavier was just an FM synth and I
had one of those new fangled midi upgrades for it.  In spite of the TX-16W
experience, I never lost my fascination for loops.  They're now very
important to my "one man band" stage presentation of didgeridoo and world
beat music as well as in the studio.  I have a truly HUGE (maybe world
record size?) collection of ethnic and dance sample CD's and I've also
produced a didgeridoo sample CD/CD ROM that has proven to be my principal
source of income for the last few years.  It's distributed by Big Fish and
they've done well by me indeed.  Imagine in this day and age a music 
business that pays royalties honestly and promptly.  I also have a
Synclavier FM sounds sample CD ROM with Big Fish.  Anyway, if you want to
check out my website www.didgeridoings.com  you can find out how I've used
my huge sample CD collection very effectively in 2 of my albums:
"Didgeridoo USA" (featuring the best and best known didge players in the 
and "Whole Earth Didgeridoo", which features 6 incredible players I 
in Australia as well as another American and me.  Both of these albums make
extremely extensive use of commercial sample loops and as an owner of a
large Pro Tools system I also use looping techniques extensively in my own
If the "netiquette" of your list disallows members mentioning products they
sell, please forgive and let me know.  I've been on other lists where quite
a few member post occasional news related to products they're selling.  No
one minds as long as the material is truly relevant to the spirit of the
list and is not just a spamming effort.  I've seen a variety of flame wars
on special interest email lists and I sure don't want to be part of any
here, so just let me know if I've offended and I'll sign off.
In case the idea of someone obsessed with musical and technological 
esoterica also attempting to make a living with that doesn't offend anyone
too much, maybe some of you might share with me any knowledge of other
relevant lists I could check out to share with and learn from.  Also, if
anyone knows of a Jam Man for sale at a reasonable price (LESS than the
original new price) or of a used Echoplex, could you let me know?
Incidentally how many people are on this list (active or as lurkers)?  Is
the list quite international, or mainly US?  It's rather interesting that
the other list I've spent the most time on (the infamous didge list) is as
low tech as it gets (nothing lower tech than a hollow tube, eh?) and 
looping is pretty seriously high tech.



Peter Spoecker
check out www.didgeridoings.com for didgeridoo music,
tutorial CD, free circular breathing primer, computer animation,
fractals and much more