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I'm the $700 a**hole

So I sold a Jamman for $700...  I needed the money for a Kyma system; 
and if someone wants to pay $700 for an antiquated delay unit, I want to 
be the beneficiary.  In my looping career, I have owned two JamDudes, 
two EDPs, an RDS-8000, a TSR-24, and a Vortex.  I have sold all of them, 
and not regretted it at all.

The appropriateness of the 
paradigm is wearing thin.  I want ten individual 20-bit 44.1k loops with 
variable looptimes (lengths determined by number of beats or seconds) 
synchronised with a modular sequencer driving a phase-coherent additive 
synthesiser with a click track out to my drummer so I can bring the 
concept of an imrovisational 1960s jazz organ trio into the 21st 
century.  I cannot accomplish this with the rig I listed in my user 

Anyway, I'm going to start collecting for the next big goldmine.. 
vintage DJ equipment!

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