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Re: My review of Sellon Jam-Man update

`What is this update? Is it an add-on for a Jam man? I haven't heard
anything about it. My curiousity is spinning....CQ

At 12:23 PM 3/3/99 -0600, you wrote:
>I have been working with Bob Sellon's 0.2 update for the last 2 weeks, and
>I must say that this is the greatest looping instrument I have yet
>My favorite new feature is the ability to have multiple, simultaneous
>loops, each on a separate channel with  mute, layer, replace, level and
>pan. Welcome to multi-track looping!
>I love to have a basic chord progression or groove recorded, panned 
>and add layers of swiming atmospherics to channels panned hard left and
>hard right. If I find that I want to change what is happening in one of 
>channels, I can change it without destroying the entire piece. The ability
>to mute each part during a performance allows for really spontaneous
>There are quite a number of other features that I havent explored yet, 
>the sampler and mellotron modes.
>I hope that he can strike a deal with Lexicon to release this software
>commercially, or even better, develops a new looping device incorporating
>all of these great ideas (Given the $$$ required to buy a jam-man these
>-Chuck Zwicky
>But they are useless. They can only give you answers. -Picasso, on