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I highly object to your judgement about computers not being part of real
life.  Just because they didn't exist when you were a kid doesn't make them
less real.  When your great-grandfather was a kid there were no cars!  That
doesn't mean that they are not as real to you as the horse-and-buggy.
        Doing and building with a computer?  Take a class on building a 
from scratch, dude.  It's very satisfying to see a computer work from the
various parts you went to buy -- not less satisfying than restoring a
classic car.  Restoring!  If you keep upgrading your computer, including
motherboard, you'll be quite busy getting better and better performance 
        Don't inflict on others the concept that "life" is only what "you" 
think it
is, dude.  Our perspective of the Universe is far too tiny and 
for us to pretend others would think it is important -- only marginally
interesting, that's all.  That said, keep risking.  Risk is where it's at.
Every time I start a loop I'm risking my whole skill, my whole perspective
on music and the arts -- I'm betting the thing will come to some acceptable
fruition.  Come to think of it, every time I drive on the highway I'm
risking my life, right?  Even on a restored classic car.
        Apart from that, I like your ideas about looping devices not 
suffering from
Y2K problems.  Y2K is far more dangerous than we all think.  I've seen on
the news people around the country are starting to take it more seriously.

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There is also something to be said about doing and building things with 
mind and hands, like restoring a classic car- do that with a computer!
Basically, life doesn't (and shouldn't) revolve around the computer...life
is REAL...Live it!


Bob H.