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Re: video from audio

Hi Dave,
check out cthuga, (sorry I dont have the url, use a search)
It's billed as an oscilloscope on acid - trippy  patterns alright!
I think it runs on macs as well as PC's
> That said, I'm sure there must be computer software nowadays which 
> nifty realtime video output from audio sources.  Anyone know of any,
> especially Mac freeware or shareware? 
David Myers

Incidentally I use a computer live. I consider its flexibility worth the
hassle of carting it around. It has a real time MIDI, (assignable)
interface, 8 ins and outs, loads of separate stereo delay llines and you
can use VST plugins too. Of course it crashes now and then but when it
does it carries on processing so the music doesn't stop, you simply have
to draw to a close. This hasn't happened live though - yet !)