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I think this answers any questions on looping video/audio.
you can download a free demo, or buy the program from: 

VJamm is the worlds slickest and quickest PC video playback program. 
Featuring REAL TIME USER CONTROL from the computers keyboard or a Midi 
keyboard. What this means is that with VJamm you can play audiovisual 
clips-'avis'-as if they were just audio samples. It is like a piano for 
sound and vision. 

*play, load and save banks of up to 16 video clips.

*reverse, pitch, speed up and slow down sound and video simultaneously, 
in real time, with settings different for each clip.

*set clips start and end point with markers to cut them up to frame 

*show thumbnail pix of all clips for fast jammin' reference, plus popup 

*randomly remix clips with the Cutomatic beat jugglin` chop function. 
Find out what they're REALLY saying! Burroughs would have loved it.

*be triggered over Midi, letting you easily jam sequences of videoclips 
in synch with any Midi music system. Make a video as you make a track!

Other killa features include: 

*tunable loop function helps loop up video breakbeats. 

*all settings, including those of individual clips, saved in convenient 
patch files. 

*very fast trigger time. 

*includes library of avi clips from Headspace, Coldcut and others. Get 
funky jamming with Coldcut hits from their massiv 'Let Us Play' LP. 

*includes utility to copy clips from CD to harddisk.

*dark retrofuture videosynth interface. 

*plays any standard audiovisual .avifiles that your machine is set up 
for (Cinepak, Indeo etc). 

*also works with many special video boards eg: Fast Machines, Broadway, 
Miro for high quality output. 

*PAL/ and NTSC both supported. 

*1/4 screen and full screen modes.

*Simultaneous use of PC control screen and full screen video output when 
using zoomable genlock (eg VineGen Pro) for professional VJ use. 

*in built sequencer to record your jams.

*secret ItchyEye\0xAA videoscratch feature: this feature is FRESH to the 

*basically, be a superstar

* instantly:

*subject to availability


minimum: pentium PC 90 mhz, 16 MB, 16 bit (hi colour) graphics card, 
soundblaster compatible soundcard, 45 meg harddisk space, Windows95 or 

recommended: the more powerful PC you have, the more you can get out of 
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