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Re: VJamm and Video... Rights...

The aspect of using video in live performance is an important one for 
and while it's not always been possible to have good hookups in a 
one would like to plan for as much of a presentation as possible, yes?

>Finding sources for material though, may travel into areas we've >been 
to via
>this newsletter before, that is, copyrights..  The aspect of "noone's
>looking" is almost the opposite of an excuse if someone notices that 
>putting on a Show utilizing copyrighted material - and I understand 
>there are some allowances, though I've not investigated it fully as 
>(concentrating on upping my audio capabilities first, though having 
>entered into Video Capture Land, functionally).

Yes, there are copyright issues all over the place, but I don't see 
where it's really a problem with VJamm, sure the demo comes with 
pre-existing video footage, BUT you can load your own video clips via 
avi files.....where is the problem if you make the video clips yourself.  
I think VJamm is really going to be an important product for all kind of 
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