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OT RE: Cheap Gear

I just bought a Digitech 256XL to go with my Lexicon Processors. For $70, I
didn't think I could go too wrong. I find a mix of the cheap and the fancy
makes the best mix for me. The cheap stuff is, well, cheap, and unique in
it's cheapness.

On an unrelated note, is anyone getting absolutely sick of the really bad
techno that appears in every ad on tv these days? It's out-discoing disco!

Dt Tsh Dt Tsh Dt Tsh Dt Tsh Dt Tsh Dt Tsh
Boowow Wacka Wacka Boowow Wacka Wack Boowow

Argh!!! Can't they hire >real< musicians?


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> From: Clifford Novey [mailto:clifsound@earthlink.net]
> Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 1999 8:42 AM
> To: Loopers
> Subject: Cheap Gear
> Regarding the Peavy thread-
> I find that some of my favorite gear is cheap gear- I was
> given a Strat
> copy made by Harmony which has more classic Strat tone than
> many I have
> tried before- also- in the world of a million Les Pauls and a billion
> Strats- it can be a Godsend to hear an old cheap Hagstrom or
> Silvertone
> etc.- unpopular/ cheap equip. is sometimes unique equip.! It
> is relative
> really-
> Cliff