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Mike Biffle wrote:

> Here's a hint... You haven't lived until you dump this cumbersome online
> techno-crapola and gotten into your car and driven to the stores where 
>you can
> get the REAL story on the gear you're looking for! All the secret 
>shortcuts and
> hints the PROS use... Out there in the real world where men are men... 
>etc. The
> guys at the stores are EXPERTS at what they're selling and could save 
>you a lot
> of grief after some impulse buy at an online site! Join the real world 
> geeks! 8->
Well thanks for the hint Mike, but I guess everything is relative.Some
folks have a busy life and don't have time to drive around all day. As a
matter of fact, I feel I'm the EXPERT of what I like, and I recognize it
online or in a magazine. In my opinion, the guys at the music store
either seem to be highschool kids who play or maybe to you the 40year
old long haired wannabe at the music store whose still waiting for his
lucky break is the expert.      
         If that's the real world for you Mike maybe you better go get a 
Mel Bay book and run some jazz scales for your 19 yearold gtr teacher at
the local music store, I heard he's got a new Van Halen riff he wants
you to learn .. have a nice day....jp