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Re: Custom Echoplex switching pedals...any interest?

Another solution would be to drill an existing EDP controller to accomodate
another row of switches. The circuit is very simple, and since the major
expense is the metalwork and silkscreening, I would venture to guess that
the cost would total around $30.

Alternately, the addition of an additional ouput jack (or jacks) on the
existing pedal, switched by a footswitch on the controller (possibly a
seperate switch for each output) would also work. LEDs could be
incorporated at will.

-Chuck Zwicky

At 11:44 AM 3/20/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Fellow loopers,
>I am currently working with a pedal-builder to come up with A/B and A/B/C
>boxes, to switch the Echoplex DP footpedal between multiple echoplexi.
>Here is the problem I have with the A/B boxes currently available:
>1. DOD-style boxes work adequately (if you lift the ground to the positve
>lead of the unselected output), but do not have LED's to show you which
>output is selected.  This is a pain when I forget which unit is selected 
>I usually hit the MUTE button to determine this, but this is not very
>condusive to performance situations.
>2.  Morley-style boxes (w/ LED's) do not work.  At least this has been my
>experience. (Has anyone else been able to use these?)  My (limited)
>understanding about this is that in order to use LED's in the circuit, you
>must ground out the postive lead of the unselected output.  Since this is
>equivalent to hitting the RECORD button, This will screw up any loops that
>are going on in that 'plex.
>One solution that has been suggested is to use the switches that have a
>mechanical indicator (red button) rather than an LED.  This is certainly a
>feasible, low cost solution, as these switches are apparently ~$25.
>Another solution is to use relays, instead of just switches.  This is a
>more expensive solution, and requires power, but has the advantage of
>having easy-to-see (esp. in the dark) LED's.  Personally, I would like to
>use different color LED's so make it really easy to determine which unit 
>The design for the A/B pedal is complete, and the purchase price is ~$85.
>Is anyone out there interested in such a pedal?
>The design for an A/B/C pedal is currently in the works.  This pedal will
>use a "latching" circuit.  In this setup, there will be 3 switches, one 
>each output.  By hitting one switch, you will select that output, and
>automatically deselect the others, thereby allowing "one button switching"
>between three outputs.    For those of you using three (or more) 
>you are probably aware of the "less-than-ideal" setup of using two A/B
>boxes to select between three units.  Often, two button presses are
>necessary to switch, and there still exists the confusion of which unit is
>actually selected (since the LED pedals don't work).  This latching pedal
>will allow direct access to each unit, and have LED's to show which unit 
>I do not yet know what such a pedal will cost, but I imagine it will be in
>the $100 - $150 range.  This is expensive for just a switching pedal, but
>it would be worth it to me.  Is there anybody else out there that might be
>interested in such a pedal.
>Also, I have not explored this possibility, but I imagine it would be
>possible to create A/B/C/D, A/B/C/D/E, (etc.) pedals with the same type of
>latching circuit, to provide one-button switching.  I don't imagine there
>are too many people using that many exhoplexi, but it is easy to see that
>the more units you are using, the more useful such a switching pedal would
>be.  Using 4 A/B boxes to contol 5 echoplexi seems impractical to me, esp.
>for live situations.
>If anyone is interested in something like this, please let me know, as I
>can probably get them for better prices if I order a bunch.
>- Chris
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