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Re: chain tape

The idea appeals to me, but kind of as a second time around. The first 
time, I
think I'd rather hear a random selection of unrelated tunes by strangers. 
said there just has to be this one, though. We could do both!

Dennis W. Leas wrote:

> I'm interested in making this a true chain or serial tape.  Something 
> we do together as in the sense of later compositions are influenced by
> earlier ones.  This distinguishes the project from a random selection of
> unrelated tunes by strangers.
> Here's an idea.  To provide some unity or coherence among the 
> of this project, we could try the following:
> 1) pick a theme or idea - I'd suggest expressing the theme or idea using 
> phrase of three words.  Hopefully, it will provide a starting point but
> nobody will feel "hemmed-in."  I got this idea from a local music co-op 
> Friends of Bob see http://dcwi.com/~fobob/Welcome.html ).  They have had
> "hoot nights" with themes such as "Indiscretions, Indecisions, and
> Institutions" and "Escapes, Exits, and Farewells".  It seemed to work 
> for them.  For our tape project this theme could be quite abstract.  Some
> brainstorming on my part yields
>     a) air, breath, or atmospheres
>     b) colors, textures, and timbres
>     c) pulse, beats, hearts
> 2) pick something from a previous composition on the tape and 
>incorporate it
> in your composition - This could be a rhythm, sound, or motief.  You
> wouldn't have to sample the actual item; a cheap imitiation will do.
> We could do 1 and 2.  I.e., you can pick your own starting point
> corresponding to the theme as you interpret it; or you could pick 
> from a previous composition and interpret it as you like.
> My intention is not to limit or restrict but to have a thread of 
> in some sense.
> Does this idea appeal to anybody?
> Dennis Leas
> ------------------
> dennis@mdbs.com