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KK NULL In DC Tonight

Don't know if he uses any loop boxes but the man loves to drone. Tonight at
the Velvet Lounge on 915 U St. NW in WAshington DC as part of the Emergent
Music Forum.

Wed 6/2/99

[Rah Bras]
-from richmond va
"Featuring members of Sleepytime Trio, Mens Recovery Project, and Damn Near
Red! Richmond, VA's Rah Bras have begun the upheaval of the masses via
their 'rondo'-core that they have created in their secret laboratories.
Blending surrealism, and various eclectic musical influences to form
extremely hooky and interesting non-guitar rock! Some say their music fits
well in bars that Silons (see: Battlestar Galactica) frequent, or perhaps
music for disassembling computers by... either way, the Rah Bras are HERE."
 -Lovitt Records website

[Damien Catera]
-Memeber Con Demek takes sampled, processed guitars, and restructures them.
Touring with KK Null.

[KK Null]
-Kazuyuki K. Null:  Founder of one of the first noise groups to emerge
from Japan, KK Null will present a wall of sound, performing solo guitar
and electronics. Well known for his Japanese metal-noise group, Zeni
Geva [includes Mitsuru Tabata and Eito Noro], Null has collaborated with
some of the finest musicians around including Tatsuya Yoshida [Ruins],
Jim O'Rourke [Gastr del Sol], Steve Albini and Fred Frith.  Null's
fierce sound is often tempered by his apparent appreciation for
composition and texture.