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RE: The Effects Of Looping...Mr Crushers' time warp effects unit

I'm not sure what to say.  I like the idea - love the idea - that by 
creating loops I can somehow alter time...but..I have no actual physical 
evidence of this. I know about "missing time" because I have had many 
experiences with it, but how can I measure the effect of soundscaping on 
time?  And does this only effect time with in ear shot of the loop?  Or 
I'm not convinced.  BUT...I am open to the idea.  MORE DATA NEEDED!!
I tend to think that our "western" idea of time is just some man made 
that really has little more purpose than to coordinate "where" we are in 
sea of eternity. Its a perception like lines on a map.
I cross a certain point and I'm in the USA, my health care doesn't work 
I can buy a handgun.  Nothing physically has changed its just that I'd no 
longer be in Canada.  I think our idea of time is similar.  For most its 
just a way of knowing when to be at work, and how long to be there for.
Are there any aboriginals Looping?  What would that take on this topic be??
As for not always being here...my day-job boss complains about that aspect 
of me continuously...

Lorne Thomson
Toronto, Canada

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>Subject: RE: The Effects Of Looping...Or am I loopy?
>Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 00:41:06 -0700
>       I'm saying it is "indeed a physical phenomena."  What is time?  
>What is
>reality?  We know from A. Einstein, may he rest in peace, even if we don't
>fully understand, that time is different whether you're standing still or
>moving at very fast speeds.  Just what does it mean to move "close to the
>speed of light"?  Can't our spirits fly out at the speed of light and come
>back?  I've heard too many stories about people who die and float away 
>their bodies, listen to conversations going on in other rooms, etc., and
>come back to their bodies because it's "not their time."  I've also heard
>too many folkloric stories about holy or otherwise blessed men who "leave
>their bodies" and travel to other places, whatever.  I hold that when we
>loop and get attuned to this dimensional door, we actually enter another
>level of existence and therefore time is physically different for us 
>those periods.  You can wait as long as you want for "science" to catch up
>and offer some "real" proof for this, but my experience is good enough for
>me.  I hold that your experience ought to be good enough for you.  We at
>Loopers' Delight know what I'm talking about  the "zone," "trance,"
>"meditation," whatever you want to call it.  When we come to, we know 
>been gone and have just come back.  I've known for a long time that 
>is more than just trying to exploit the most I can from my cheap and
>not-so-cheap electronic equipment, that music is more than mere organized
>       And tea helps, especially when spiked with something.  Somebody 
>mentioned the drugs, good old drugs.  Our minds (spirits) are more than 
>brains flashing biochemical signals.  The sum of the molecules doesn't add
>up to the product.  Some of us loopers are here only part time.  OK, back 
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>   | Hey, now are you saying it is a PHYSICAL effect or a preceived 
>   | >I am also drug-free, but can attest to time warps during
>   | soundscaping.
>   | >This
>   | >is indeed a physical phenomena, and applaud Thomson's bringing
>   | it up.  Pass
>   | >the tea, please.
>   | >

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