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Re: backing solo performances

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From: Michael Tuminello <m1cha3l@earthlink.net>

>However, the end result for me was that I felt like he was playing 
I had the feeling that he wasn't even singing or >playing guitar anymore,
and that it was all recorded. (Not true, but that's what it felt like to
me.) At that point I decided that >a full band was the way to go.
>Other people may have differing opnions (I'm sure they will), but you
should try to check out someone who performs like >this before you totally
commit to doing it yourself, in my opinion. I went from no doubt that it
would work to completely >discarding the idea.

Then again, other people may agree completely.  I do.  I'm trying to avoid
my soapbox so I'll be brief.  I encourage you to ask yourself questions
like: "What am I trying to communicate?  What is the audience picking up?
What's the point of the performance?  What is engaging about the
performance?  What do I (the performer) feel?  Why am I doing this?  What's
the music about?  Why is more sound important?  What are the essential
aspects of the music/performance and what isn't?"

Personally, I feel that with today's unintelligent machines, playing with
computers, etc. is boring.  Both to the performer and the audience.  At
least with a looper there's some type of interplay but it can be boring as

Best of luck.  Perhaps you'll find a new way of doing things.

Dennis Leas