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Re: Attn all loopers: Cross country looping

At 9:43 PM -0700 7/13/99, Mark Sottilaro wrote:
>Attention all loopers:
>Somewhere around the 21st of this month I will be making an expedition
>from Syracuse to San Francisco.  I will be going south via Rt. 40,
>through LA and up the California cost.  I'll be keeping a web log of the
>trip that I'll be updating via a laptop and public access computers with
>web access. (public libraries, cyber cafes if I can find them)
>So, if any of you along the route want to have their loops become part
>of the page, and meet a fellow looper, let me know.  I've got equipment
>to scan photos and digitize audio.  Also, if you know of some especially
>cool truck stop or "mystery anomaly site" along the way, I'd love to
>hear and document it.

three suggested stops:

1. the world famous Men's room urinal at the Madonna Inn just north of San
Luis Obisbo. Awe inspiring.

2. The even more famous Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, which I just went to
for the first time last weekend after living in the bay area all my life.
American Kitsch at it's finest there. (what will loops do in the Mystery
Spot? roll uphill? please report back.)

3. Top your trip off with a Fuzzy Navel at the Hot 'n Chunky on Market in
SF, the only gay karaoke bar I know of. A uniquely San Francisco
experience. Not sure what will happen if you ask them about looping there,
but please let me know.

and give a hollar when you get here, maybe it's a fine opportunity for bay
area loopers to gather for a beer somewhere.


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