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Re: OT: distortion pedal advice

All this talk of distortion pedals reminded me of a question:  Besides
the Roland VG-8, is there a pedal/rack-unit that will do hex-distortion
(from a GK-2a pickup)?

        Re: Ring Modulators-- I have both a Boss SE-70 and an Alesis
Quadraverb+.  Both RMs really grunge up the sound quite nicely, but I
prefer the Qverb's because it has a wider range of modulating frequency
(up to 300Hz vs 100Hz). Both feature hands-free adjustment of the mod
frequency using MIDI CCs which I find invaluable to maintaining maximum
"grunge" while I play (because if I play notes that are too close to
multiples of the mod frequency it just sounds like "streched octaves" --
it's just the nature of the RM process.)  I'm sure the Qverb+ can be had
fairly cheaply on e-bay or second-hand music stores.


Jon Southwood