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attn: European Loop Project CD

hi all,

while Looper's Delight Vol. 1 is about to become available, thanks to 
Talento, another glorious compilation CD has just been released in Europe. 
It is called

        European Loop Project Phase One

and contains 11 long tracks of guitar and Warr guitar loopers from 
Germany, Russia, Spain, and Czechoslowakia, among them list members such 
Warr guitarists Markus Reuter and Kuno Wagner (both of them appeared on 
Looper's Delight CDs), and of course, yours truly. Crafties among you have 
possibly met Alain Pinero from Spain who also contributes one track.

I like this CD a lot. It looks good, is well produced, and other than the 
Looper's Delight CDs which contain a wide spectrum of very different types 
of music, this CD creates a more homogeneous atmosphere, ranging from 
dreamy ambient moods to more experimental sounds. Very much recommended!

No official web page for the CD exists yet, although you can take a look 
the cover at http://www.t-online.de/home/kuno.tap/looprojt.htm

Tilmann Hohn who produced the CD is away for vacation right now but you 
send him email to

Tilmann told me that the CD can be ordered from
        Real HOME, Rathenauplatz 6, 65203 Wiesbaden, Germany
for DM 25,-- plus postage (DM 4,-- in Europe, DM 6,-- outside of Europe).

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