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RE: OT: distortion pedal advice/online loop thing

1.) Am I the only person in the universe/this list who considers the
Hughes & Kettner Tube Driver stomp the bestest distortion-in-a-box,
like, ever? Their amp of the same name, I am sad to say, falls far short
of the fourth-chakra cauterizing, tear-warm cry available simply by
plugging a guitar into the "In" jack on the box and, then, plugging the
"Out" jack of same into some form of amplification and sounding a note,
any note...but never mind about that there. This could (but should not)
scurry off into a tube-vs.-circuitry debate apropos distortion; many a
digidistortion has pleasured me mightily and, yes, I prefer the valve to
the board. But preferences are puny, trifling things when the question
is related to That Tone. Freakin', H&K should, like, trademark the term
"That Tone," is what they should do...actually, I don't think they're
made anymore, are they? As it is, I don't have one -- the tubes in my
Digitech 2112 (Alex Lifeson cracks are not at all welcome, although,
admittedly, I make them all the time myself...) hot up its distortion to
an acceptable runner-up status.

2.) Nick Didikovsky was one of the very first guitarists I ever heard
employing the real-time, microprocessed algorithmic composition (or
twelve) to their playing and still one of the _very_ few who have
crafted alluring, even amusing, music from said. JSyn/JMSL may break
experimentalism, uh, "wide" if enough Netscape users discover that one
can make these strange damn sounds (looped ones, even) with several many
bars to scroll and buttons to push,  without regard to how they are
achieved. May I also mention that Dr. Nerve, ND's band, is extremely
accomplished and well worth your scrutiny/disposable income? Go. Hear.
http://www.ingress.com/~drnerve . And further JSyn/JMSL/HMSL/&c.
investigations may be initated at http://www.softsynth.com/. An
algorithm is not necessarily a loop but, shit fire, it sure is

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