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Re: WANTED: Online music responses

At 11:51 PM -0700 7/26/99, Andre LaFosse wrote:
>Matt Davignon wrote:
>> Well, I'm responding to the group because your questions looked a little
>> "official" and I don't want to wind up on another unsolicited mailing 
>No spam here -- I'm an independent musician/cash register clerk (not
>always in that order) trying to gather some ideas for how to go about
>getting his music heard.

Andre's been on the LD list pretty much since it started. He's cool man.
Old timers will recall that Andre's ability to tell me I'm wrong exceeds
Hawkeye's by about 1000 times, in quantity, quality, and intensity. If he
can still post here, anybody can. ;-)

>> Most of the musicians I enjoy do what they do to be creative and
>> to spread musical ideas, not to make money.
>Hopefully these two things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.
>> Right now, there's a wonderful thing that's happening in music right 
>> With the internet, mp3 files, and affordable CD burners, the music 
>> is becoming less of a business. You can go to the Wherehouse or 
>> and pay $17 for a mediocre CD, or you can find a website where someone 
>> offering their CD "free-for-trade" and find some music that actually has
>> some passion to it.
>I do hope that the change you're talking about doesn't result in people
>writing off any mainstream retail outlet as a place to find interesting
>music -- or for that matter, writing off the notion that an artist might
>want to make some significant income from their work...

I don't mind paying for music at all. I vastly prefer that good musicians
be able to devote their life to bringing me more good music, without them
having to spend large chunks of each day behind the register at Tower
Records so they don't starve to death. I think the advantage of the
internet and recording tech is I can now much more easily give the musician
my money directly in exchange for his/her music, rather than to a lot of
middlemen. (in time, the Sendero Luminoso will fix all of this for us!;-)

However, I do really enjoy browsing around in Amoeba records. I always end
up with great stuff I wasn't really thinking about when I went in. Much
more pleasant and social than web surfing by myself. Getting out in the
world, seeing people with green mohawks, etc.  I hope they don't go the way
of the dodo... I think you just need a real music store, Matt. Stay out of
those malls, nothing good happens there.


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