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Re: Live sequencing.

At 12:59 PM 8/6/99 -0400, Jim L. wrote:
>An informal poll:
>When doing your live looping gigs, i'm curious how many of you use
sequencing in your gigs, and
>perhaps any tips that you've found to more successfully integrate it into
>your show so that its seamless (no 3 minute breaks to load up software
>etc..) and leaves room for improvisation (section lengths are not fixed 
>Jim Lanpheer.

Jim et.al.,
I use MIDI sequencing only when I have to do a solo gig and there is no one
else performing with me.  In that case, I have the songs arranged in a
Yamaha QY300 more or less in order of how they'll be performed, and I
improvise bass parts around them.  Better yet, I'm enjoying solo bass gigs
with looping devices (usually my 2 Zoom 2100s) where I make it up as I go
along, or I have a rough sketch in my mind of how the "piece" will sound.

In short, too much MIDI sequencing, in my opinion, just goes to show how
technology has become fetishised, and the results are, as you found with
the Brooks performance, often disappointingly dull.

Best to all,

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