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Re: Looper Release Pool:

D. Baldwin, trickster Coyote, wrote:
> The
concept of the EH Microsynth distortion circuit is wonderful, and any
> solder-sniffer could build a killer El Distorto del Maximo with the
> Split the outgiong signal up then feed it to three or four (or Hey! Let's
> have a mudbath! Ten!) different distortion circuits in parallel with
> appropriate mixing capabilities. >>
>eric p wrote;
>Are you referring to the Square Wave slider of the MS. That's the only
>distortion I get out of the MS, but it's wicked!
And the Coyote replies:
    The so-called "octave" sounds on the EH Synth are just dedicated
distortion circuits. The octave-up is much like the Octavia fuzzboxes, and
the octave-down is like the Boss Octave Box or whatever it's called or the
Blue Box (I think; I haven't heard/played it yet) . Far removed from
conventional "warm tube-like" distortion or digital pitch shifters like the
Digitech Whammy, these circuits mangle your notes big time, especially when
you play two notes at once, as you probably already know. Yes, wicked. In a
Satanic way.
Douglas Baldwin, Alpha male Coyote, the Trickster