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Re: Headrush (or any delay)modification idea??

i wouldnt highly reccomend this for something you prize 
but ive opened up everything i could and just started experimenting(old 
keyboards, toys, pedals, samplers)
only things that are battery powered(9V or less)!!!
but you just take 2 jewlers scewdrivers and attach the tips with alligator 
clips and wire and your set
just test points around the circuit board to see what it does, your find 
worlds of sounds!!
for example, my stock morley wah has 5 distortions(adjustable gain)
the wah can respond to external light if i flip a switch
theres an internal oscillator that i can control the ptich wtih another 
photocell(so i can play the thing with my 2 hands(tone and pitch), 
so experiment


In a message dated 8/25/99 9:50:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 

> hi!
>  just found this in my mailbox...
>  now i have one or two questions:
>  do you do a lot of modifications of stompboxes and other stuff?
>  and do you build your own stomp boxes?