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Gig bags for Boomerangs

Hey Rang owners,

  We now have a great fitted gig bag for the Rang. It's made of dense
Nylon Cordura and is heavily padded. Inside there's a pocket for the
power supply and a divider down the middle. The Rang goes on one side
and cables or stomp boxes go on the other. It has long handles so it can
be carried on your shoulder if desired. There are two zippers to close
it up. The bag is black with our Boomerang logo on the side in yellow.
  Of course it's made in Texas, USA. The cost is $39.00 plus $5.00 for
shipping and handling. Send a money order or cashiers check, along with
a "ship to" address to the address below.
  We now return to our regularly scheduled looping topic...

Mike Nelson

Boomerang Musical Products         800-530-4699
PO Box 541595                      214-343-1038, Fax
Dallas, TX  75354-1595             mnelson@dmans.com, email


"Some products make you sound better;
 the Boomerang Phrase Sampler makes you play better."