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Re: electricity question

 >this just popped into my head, too much free time, i guess......what would
 >you do if you lost all of your electricity, what type of music would you 

First, I'd have to examine how dependent I am on electricity.  Then I 
go back and reread all of my John Cage books.  Maybe I would disown the 
notion  that I actually get to 'make' the music.  But I doubt it.

I believe that all art, fundamentally, is a response to terror.  Before 
electricity, people made wonderful music.  No need to get cliche-fever 
that.  I'm pretty sure that Erik Satie, for instance, broke as he often 
did not depend on 120VAC to compose.

I have a lovely Martin, and as dependent as I am on the American power 
there is no electric instrument I have that sounds quite like it.  Perhaps 
the consequence of unplugging for me as a guitarist is more content over 

Kevin Brunkhorst  <A 
Red Road the band  <A