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RE: Another Question o' the Week: Audible Click Revisited

I've played shows with a tabla player here in Boston, in a highly loud
setting.  What he does is carry around a plexiglass construction that
surrounds his intruments from left/right center and above.  It seems to 
great at keeping all the other intruments out of his signal.

Maybe you can place the PZM in the middle of large plexi-glass sheet that 
facing your amp and away from the switches?


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Subject: Another Question o' the Week: Audible Click Revisited

Several months ago in a thread about the Akai Headrush, we talked about an
audible click when stepping on the switches. This is sort of related to

What I'm wondering is: When looping/recording acoustic instruments using a
microphone, what are you guys doing to keep the mic from picking up the
noise created by the switches? I'm not talking about a noise that's
generated by the electronics, but rather the actual sound of the switch
clicking. Most of my effects have (relatively) silent switches, but a few
(my Headrush and all my old EH and EH-like things) have old-style
"clickers" on 'em.

I've tried muffling the switches with towels, but then it's hard to know
what you're stepping on and you can still hear it anyway. Last week's
contact mic thread may be something to try, or maybe a mic with a very
tight unidirectional pattern, but I really like the sound I'm getting using
a PZM (except for the clicking!), and I'm not in a po$ition to $pring for a
$uper-directional mic right now. I really don't feel like modifying the
switches on the gear either...

Any ideas?